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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Swept Away

Looking back as I walk away from everything I thought I knew,
Your eyes have turned into a bottomless well, to which there is no end to the darkness and I can't swim through...
I know I said forever but it turned out to be too long- I waited by the sea, the undertow swept me away to a place of open desert sea, emptiness...
I struggled to cling to something that would enable me to pull myself in the opposite direction.
My love for you is unshakable
Immovable, Unchanging
and will always remain.
But I may lose myself or what is left of this woman I once knew-
to an illusion....god it looked so right
I have left my heart behind for you,
do with it as you wish for I can't carry it with me
knowing we will never be.
Deeply entwined in an unforgiving maze of what if, never and maybe...
I struggle to find my reflection
am I still here?
I will spend the remainder of forever putting together the tiniest splinters of my shattered image...just to find her one more time.

Distorted but here I am
ready to walk into the depths of the sea and
accept what is and what can never be.

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