Thursday, June 3, 2010

We are...

We are alive,
yet inside most of us are dead.
We are destructive,
when we could be creating.
We are able to be present,
and yet constantly engrossed in pain.
We are senseless,
with the ability to be wise.
We are understanding,
but then so quick to judge.
We are resistant to change,
instead of embracing it as an opportunity to grow.
We are compassionate,
and then turn a blind eye and become selfish.
We are choosing to be blind,
when we can choose a clear path in the light.
We are miracles everyday because any day
could be our last,
and we still commit suicide.
We are living in fear,
rather than trusting in life.
We are loving,
but we love possessively instead of unconditionally.
We are caged birds,
but proclaim to fly free.
We are able to stand up,
yet not alone.
We are
Who we are...

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